Marketing Strategy : Target Market

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Marketing Strategy
Target Market
We will be targeting a consumer market. Pop Tarts are a product that should be able to show up in stores across South Korea. The average disposable income per capita is 18,035 USD a year. While this is not necessarily high by any means, South Korea does have the 12th largest economy in the world (“Korea Life Index,” 2015). Within the consumer market, there are several target markets that we could go for in South Korea. What would seem to be the most obvious would be children, ages 5-12. This is the main target market for Pop Tarts in the United States. One might think that this would be the route one would want to go. In the United States, Pop Tarts are often advertised using silly and cute cartoon commercials and use endorsements, such as Disney Channel or Nickelodeon stars, that would appeal to younger children. While this style could possibly work in South Korea, I feel that it would not be the best way to go about making Pop Tarts popular.
Pop Tarts are an on-the-go food that can either be a breakfast food or can be a snack. South Korea values education extensively and a food that a child can take easily to school, extra-curricular activities, or to a job since Children often begin working at age 15 (“Korea Life Index,” 2015). Along with this, single-household living has become a major reality for young professionals in South Korea (“Young Koreans,” 2015). With this in mind, I feel the best target market to go after in South
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