Marketing Strategy : The View From A Different Looking Glass

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Marketing 's Contribution to Strategy: The View from a Different Looking Glass Submitted by - Shonit Mittal Introduction The case, “Marketing 's Contribution to Strategy: The View from a Different Looking Glass”, by Dr. P Rajan Varadarajan, discusses the growing influence of marketing in the strategic decision making of the organization. The author cites numerous instances from the field of marketing where one can observe how the marketing is guiding the strategy of the companies like de-conglomeration, enviropreneurship etc. The case seems to critically examine the article, “Marketing’s Contribution to Strategy Dialogue” By Mr. George S Day in Journal of The Academy of Marketing Science 20 (fall), which examines the diminishing role of…show more content…
Then in eighties, when the managers were not able to focus on the unrelated businesses, they went for de-conglomeration phase in which they sold of the unrelated SBUs so as to focus on the core businesses. The author discusses the framework of Corporate Acquisitions and discusses various types of acquisitions like Vertical, Horizontal, Product-Market Extension, and Unrelated Extension. The author further discuss the role of marketing in mergers and acquisitions as it is mentioned that marketing plays either direct role or a participative role in the decision making. For example, for customer service or product support, marketing plays a direct role in formulating strategic decision for the same. The author further discusses the similarity of functions for managers working at marketing level and corporate level. At marketing level, the manager needs to take decisions related to product mix like –new product introduction, product deletion decisions, and effective management of present product mix. Similarly, the manager at corporate level have to take the decision like Entry into new product domain, Exiting from present product domain, etc. The case further states that the old and dated methods to solve marketing problems may not be totally irrelevant and they may still be used to plan strategic decisions like product portfolio analysis (Growth-Matrix), further towards the end, the author discusses whether the marketing in

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