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Soybean milk was first introduced in Hong Kong by Dr. K.S. Lo under the brand name “Vitasoy” in 1940, with an intention to provide consumers with an affordable nutritious and high-protein soymilk drink.
Since then, Vitasoy became a well-known household name and is now the flagship product of Vitasoy International Holdings Limited (VIHL), contributing 48% of the company total revenue by categories in fiscal year 2013/2014.
With the priority to promote quality of life through a wide range of great-tasting and nutritional products, the company expanded beyond the soy beverage with a wide variety of food & beverages, under the derivative brand name "Vita”.

Vitasoy Soybean Milk
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TV commercial, social media, magazine/ newspapers, billboards & event sponsorships) and conducted many consumer communication campaigns. Noteworthy is their in-store execution particularly in chain supermarket which dominates majority of the shelf-space with prominent product displays and conducted tactical bundle sales regularly.

The recent campaign “Anytime, Anywhere” is seen as a desperate attempt to disassociate itself as “breakfast-only” beverage. The campaign was supported with the launch of PET packaging which is a better proposition for an “all-occasion” beverage. But again, pricing may not be appealing to the target consumers particularly in chain convenient stores which is much costly comparing to other channels.

The product is widely available through their extensive geographical coverage built over the years, reaching out to over 10,000 customers (eg. chain supermarkets & convenience stores, restaurants, bakeries, offices and independent grocery stores) serviced by 300 sales force and 100 delivery trucks. Also leveraging on the company subsidiary – Vitaland, specializing in operation and management of school tuck shops and canteen business, has made the product more accessible particularly among younger consumers. These are the key factors that have helped to strengthen the company leadership in Hong Kong.

In view of

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