Marketing Strategy for Big Mabel's

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Information Needs Because the business is quite simple, the information needs of the audience are fairly simple. The menu is not going to change much it's self-evident what we'll be serving and the pricing is not a major deciding factor in the purchase decision. The variability of the location is the most important variable that we need to manage, so that our customers to know and where to find us. Thus, location information is actually the most important information to convey to established and prospective customers. Otherwise, we need to garner exposure for the brand. Thus, brand exposure and location information are the key elements of information to convey to the target market. Personal Selling This is important. There will be a number of walk-bys, because we hope to situation in areas with a high level of foot traffic. We need to entice these people to stop an order up some chicken and waffles. Our staff need to be trained how to do this, but they also need to be enthusiastic. There are two approaches to this. You cannot teach enthusiasm and outgoing personality that has to be hired. However, personal selling of this type is hard work, and success only creates more work for the staff. Thus, we need to have a program where a portion of the wage paid to the workers is dependent on the success of the truck. This can be direct sales on their shift, or it can be indirect such as profits for the whole company. It is recommended that profits for the whole company are used,

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