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Objective Regain blackberries 20% lost market share, and improve overall net profit vs. last year by 13%
Offer the services that have already been introduced by competing company, and also work on providing customers with innovative applications Summary
Built to keep your business moving
Where multiple devices ownership models, applications and operating systems exist, BlackBerry® perfectly balances end user and corporate needs to keep your business moving.

Blackberry is a brand that was created by Research in Motion’s (RIM) Founder Mike Lazaridis in 1996, providing wireless web enabled devices across multiple networks. RIM is a Canadian based company founded in 1984 that formally worked
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Our partnership has supported the facilitation of one-day STEM innovation camps, which have provided real life technology based business challenges for the students to tackle with our employee volunteers. Over 900 students and 70 employees in Italy, Spain, South Africa, France, Sweden and the UK have all had the chance to participate in these forward-thinking innovation camps.
An employee volunteer from Italy explained: “It was a fantastic experience, seeing how these young people were so engaged and energized. They loved to learn about BlackBerry and were able to use their creative skills to come up with some brilliant innovations. And for me personally, I really enjoyed being able to play my part in helping guide these students and see them gain confidence and get excited about innovation for the future”.
Science, technology, engineering and math
BlackBerry successfully reached over 1.5 million students over fiscal 2012 to encourage their interest in (STEM) through programs such as the Canada Wide Science Fair, FIRST Robotics, and the BlackBerry Hands On Workshops (BBHOW) series. The BBHOW program teaches 11 to 17 year olds the science behind mobile technology and explores careers in technology. Fiscal 2012 saw the expansion of this program into the U.K., with employee volunteers delivering workshops to eager students. In all, more than 9,000 students were able to participate in this
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