Marketing Strategy for Election Campaign

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1. Position the product in the customer’s mind – how you want your customer to think and feel about your product.

2. Find a creative big idea – which will persuade people or convince them to try your product.

3. Having an emotional appeal

4. The message must sell itself –

a. Image strategy – good image of the brand

b. Information strategy – giving information about the facts. Giving information about the facts must sell. What information can you communicate that will appeal to the customers.

c. Motivational strategy – motivation builds a feeling that inspires the customer to make the purchase. Telling past success stories
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For eg. if a person buys a burger because he is hungry, then his need is functional. But if he buys the burger because he is influenced by the advertisement of the burger, the need becomes emotional or psychological.

Because the emotional or psychological needs can be aroused through external stimulation like advertisements, we have designed the election campaign using an effective marketing strategy and advertising strategy with different forms of promotional mix.

Figure 1.1[pic]

[pic]Figure 1.2

The advertising strategy consists of promotional mix which has six major elements. (Principles and Practice of marketing by David Jobber)

In making the marketing communications for election campaign more powerful, all the below mentioned forms of communication will be used (as shown in fig. 2.)

[pic]Fig. 2


1. Advertising: Any non-personal paid form of communication using any form of mass media like television, newspapers, magazines, billboard posters, radio, cinema etc. Advertising is intended to persuade, to inform, use rational and/or emotional appeals; in particular the use of fear appeals to transmit messages.

i. We are going to use TV, Radio, billboard posters to create awareness among the voters because it can reach a wide audience quickly. The advertisement will be especially on channels that are viewed by youngsters.


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