Marketing Strategy for Fitness First

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|MARKETING STRATEGY | | | |[pic] | | Diversity: Having a diverse workforce is fundamental to Fitness First’s success, | |not because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes total business sense. We| |employ people from every background and walk of life. It gives us a vast mix of | |experience and perspectives and means we are better equipped to understand the needs | |and priorities of our members | |…show more content…
• Mr. Nigel R. Cartwright, FCIS, joined Fitness First PLC as Finance Director in January 1997 and was appointed International Operations Director in January 2001. During his five years with Fitness First PLC, Mr. Cartwright has gained extensive operational experience and is involved in the expansion and development of the Group. • Mr. Sean V. Phillips M.Sc. joined Fitness First PLC in 1993 as General Manager and was appointed to the Board as Director in 1996. Mr. Phillips also serves as Sales and Fitness Director, Mr. Phillips has an MSc in Exercise Science and a BSc Hons in Health and Physical Education. He has been involved in health club management since 1986 including as General Manager of a number of major LivingWell Health Clubs in the UK. • Mrs. S. A. Cadd, FCIS serves as Company Secretary of Fitness First Loan Stock Ltd. and Fitness First Ltd. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS /THE CURRENT STRATEGY The one dimensional approach of generating leads through the clubs is rapidly developing into multi channel sources, via club and central sales/ marketing activities. The predominant focus areas are digital marketing on the internet to closed user groups, building the business to business (B2B) field sales force and the use of Membership Exchanges. The multi channel approach will also define the optimal size

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