Marketing Strategy for Hilton Surfers Paradise Residences

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Introduction- overview key information that is relevant to your strategy. According to Part A, Hilton Surfers Paradise Residences (HSPR) is recommended to pay more attention to the international tourists and develop a marketing strategy to improve their satisfaction in order to attract them to their hotel. At the same time, sustainability has already become the major challenge for the whole hospitality industry, therefore, energy saving and recycle system should be established in the future operation. The first recommendation is made due to competitive needs and the ideal spot of HSPR that may well be attractive to international tourists. The second is recommended due to legislation introduced by the Australia government who announced that the carbon tax will be introduced in 2012 in Australia and that hotels have to become "green". It may be that the two recommendations can be integrated , attracting international tourists and 'greening' the environment at the same time (Aaker et al, 2004), thereby saving HSPR money. After analyzing the typical tourists of HSBR: Business and leisure travelers, I have decided on creating a transformative travel experience marketing strategy that will be integrated with the sustainability aspect. The transformative travel experience will focus on giving the tourist a taste of local experience and give the tourist a feel of what it would be like to stay in the country not to merely pass through. My reason for this strategy is that

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