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Table of Contents Introduction. 2 Market Analysis for KFC. 5 THREATS OF KFC IN MAURITIUS. 18 Opportunities to develop and create the following in Mauritius. 20 Reasons for KFC to go overseas. 26 PESTEL Analysis. 26 Competitors Actions. 29 THE problem that KFC is facing. 29 Strategies developed to overcome the crisis. 30 New Strategies that can be adopted for the Relaunching of KFC products. 31 References. 34 Introduction. Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC, is the largest chicken restaurant chain worldwide with almost 1000 outlets located in well over 70 countries. It was founded in Corbin, Kentucky by Colonel Harland. D. Sanders. Y 1964, the Colonel decided to sell the business to two Louisville businessmen. In 1966…show more content…
Market analysis includes the following: * SWOT analysis * PESTEL analysis A SWOT analysis is an activity where an organization estimates its main important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The SWOT analysis is a key for the firm to analyze its strengths, overcome or lessen its main weaknesses, avoid the main threats, and take advantage of opportunities. Both strengths and weaknesses signify the firm’s internal potentials, for example, in the operation of procedures, operating costs, human resources and planned target is important to manufacture its core products. Whereas on the other hand, opportunities and threats start off from outside the organization, for instance, competition and poultry suppliers in the case of KFC. The worldwide famous multinational KFC is with no doubt powerful. The success and fame of KFC is heavily depended on its power and force. In this respect, strength of the company can be carefully used to make profits. It is a well-known fact that KFC has the strongest brand in the fast food industry as it is related to consumer loyalty and for attracting the right sort of franchisee. The correct franchise is essential for success.KFC holds its strengths as its profits increase almost $1B each year.KFC continued to dominate the Chicken Segment, with sales of 4.4 billion in 1999.KFC is popular, recognized and experienced all over the world and have strong
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