Essay on Marketing Strategy for Marks and Spencer Food

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This assignment is about marketing, where I will produce a marketing strategy for a new or existing product. This unit introduces the major principle and functions of marketing; I will look on customer needs, and creating a suitable strategy or marketing mix, which will satisfy customer needs. In this unit I will experience the marketing process from carrying out initial research about a market, investigating the principles of functions of marketing and the way in which it contributes generating income/profit in a business.

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals.
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The Indian range would be ready to eat/cook food. I will be creating marketing strategies on
Marks and Spencer’s food as to meet the customer needs and to analyse in ways I could meet the strategies successfully. The ready to cook food would be invented for the simplicity to people and to break into the market with more of these inventions in much more variety. I will be creating strategy on Indian food range, on chicken tikka masala curry and chana masala and such, so all the customers whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian can get taste of Marks and Spencer’s food, which are experimented by owner, director and chef of Benares,
Atul Kochhars who has a passion for Indian food. He travels to India three or four times a year and recently accompanied Marks & Spencer and a team of development chefs to India, to share some of the things,
Atul has developed four regional varieties of garam masala, and much, much more exclusive to Marks & Spencer, which gives our new Indian dishes a unique flavour

Marks & Spencer Plc is an international retailer with 718 locations across 34 countries. The group sells clothing, footwear, gifts, home furnishings and foods under the St. Michael trademark in its chain of
294 stores in the United Kingdom. Marks & Spencer is one of the UK's
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