Marketing Strategy for Nokia India

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The product is the centre of the marketing mix and the other three P 's are based around it. Consumers purchase goods and services for a variety of individual reasons and a company must be aware of all of these when selling a product (that is why they conduct market research). Nokia does exactly the same and comes up with innovative phones almost every six months. The new phones that Nokia launches have some new feature or price difference, thus appealing to the consumer. Sometimes, Nokia launches special and limited editions of its mobile phones, on special occasions such as the Olympics. In short they offer phones of great variety with various designs and high quality.
• Variety: In every series of Nokia there are
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With N73 mobile offer 2500Rs original Blue tooth free
3. With 6220 offer leather Wallet
4. With 6300 offer caps and shirts
• Public relation:
1. Nokia spot light
2. Road shows
3. for game lovers
4. Nokia football crazy
• Nokia strategy for promotion is “Eye level is buy level”

 Entry level: (Rs 1,200-6,000):- Nokia targeted low income people and first time mobile buyers in this series. Sets include are 1200, 1208, 1100, 1110, 1112 etc
 Classic Series: (Rs 7,000-17,000):- Nokia targeted decent people in this series. Sets include in this series are 6300,6233,6120,3120 etc
 N gage Series: (Rs 8,000-16,000):- Nokia targeted game lovers in this series .These sets include game like play station, PSP and Xbox.
 N- Series: (Rs 7000-35,000):- Nokia targeted the young generation who wanted to possess mobiles with the latest technologies such as a 5 MP camera, a decent music player, GPRS, etc. This series is also called multimedia computer. Named as on step ahead multimedia. Sets include N72, N81, N95, N96, N97, etc
 E-Series: (Rs 10,000-60,000):- These mobiles were launched for people who needed mobile computing on the go especially business people. These phones are enabled with word, spreadsheet and presentation softwares. They also are equipped with GPRS/ EDGE technologies thus functioning as a palmtop. Sets include E90, E75, E61, E62, etc
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