Marketing Strategy in Logistics

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[pic] VILNIUS GEDIMINAS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY BUSINESS MANAGEMENT FACULTY DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COURSE WORK ON MARKETING STRATEGY IN LOGISTIC SECTOR Prepared by st. S.Druskinis, TVMu-07 Checked by lect. N. Ambrusevič Vilnius 2008 Introduction MARKETING AND LOGISTIC INTERFACE The interface between logistics and marketing is critical to the delivery of customer service. Practitioners and researchers have long recognized the importance of customer service in achieving customer satisfaction. Indeed, organizations often succeed or…show more content…
A great deal of literature related with this issue of coordination between parts of an organization is attributed to two major business functions: operations and marketing (Ellinger et al., 2000; Morash et al., 1996). There are several factors that may prevent an accordant operation between these two functions. For example, while marketing department’s aim is to increase sales through price cuts and promotions, the goal of operations department can be to achieve a higher level of quality in products, thereby increasing the cost (and price) of the product. Certainly, such differences will result in severe contradictions between the actions taken by each department. The most prominent connection between operations and marketing is logistics. The tasks of the logistics function usually necessitate close interactions with both operations and marketing functions. Supporting this distinguishing role of logistics, several past studies emphasized the importance of logistics and the relationships between these three functions (Emerson and Grimm, 1996; Gattorna et al., 1991; Morash et al., 1996). Despite logistics activities and the marketing activities being closed linked to one another in a marketing channel, there is often
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