Marketing Strategy of Apple iPhone 4s

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Marketing strategy on Apple iPhone 4S Introduction The iPhone 4s is Apple's touchscreen sleet smartphone that, similar to its previous smartphones, contains everything a 3.5 inch iPod, computing, mobile phone, organizer, and music accessories all on one small handheld mobile that has multi-touch screen capability and wide screen display. The iPhone was unveiled "Let's Talk iPhone" event on October 4, 2011 in California and released via pre-order in more than 100 countries that same month serviced through AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and C Spire. Its services were accessible on a 1-2 year contractual basis where customers paid for the year's service and received availability to the product. The iPhone is compatible with all Apple computers and software (Mac OS & iTunes ), as well as Mac otherwise known as Mobile Me. Computers that use Microsoft OS through the iTunes Windows version can also gain accessibility to the iPhone. Many of the iPhone's functions can be controlled by voice. MARKET ANALYSIS Leading competitors are Motorola Bionic and Samsung Galaxy. These are similar to Apple's 4s. This one enhances that appeal by adding a host of improved hardware specifications and HYPERLINK "" o "Software" software updates and particularly Siri, its inbuilt voice system. Other appeals include improved camera system, personal computer independence enhanced multi-functional features, and cloud-sourced data (iCloud). (Apple,2011.) Design The
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