Marketing Strategy of Bionade Essay

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I Marketing Strategy Plan

1 Company and Product
1.1 Company overview

The “BIONADE GmbH” is a small German manufacturer and distributor of the organic lemonade brand “Bionade”. The family-owned-enterprise has 107 employees and is located in
Ostheim, a small town in the northern Bavaria region of Germany. Sigrid Peter-Leipold is the industrial business manager, owner and executive manager of the “Privat Brauerei Peter KG
Associate Partner” and the “BIONADE GmbH” and “BIONADE International GmbH”.1 As an offshoot of the private beer brewery (Rhoehnpils), the “BIONADE GmbH” was incorporated in
1995. The brewery master in this time Dieter Leipold invented the beverage, especially the technical producing process. It is made by a
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⇒Increase sales twice in the next year up to 33 million litres in 2007.
⇒Increase market share of the domestic soft drink market up to 0.14% in 2007.
⇒Increase marketing budget up to 8 % of turnover from 2007.
⇒International market entrance start in 2007
⇒Further research on new products
The current external environmental forces are mainly support the organisation’s business.
Changed consumer patterns regarding a higher consumption of healthy food, as well as the faster lifestyle and the bad image of global companies in the group of younger adults are the main reasons for the increased sales of Bionade. The brand is characterised as unique, innovative, healthy, value added, credible, social and “green”. The marketing strategy is based on a mass market penetration strategy in the domestic market and a new market entry strategy in the international markets. The main objective is to keep the current competitor advantages of the unique product in hole. Increase brand awareness and sales by the development of the product line. The product line will be extended by new package sizes and materials. A 0,33 l and a 0,5 l PET bottles are planned to make the product more practicable for sportive and “on the street” users.
To increase brand awareness classical advertising (print and radio), free
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