Marketing Strategy of Costa Coffee

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Definition of marketing: 2 Creating value for customers; 2 Building a strong customer relationship; and 2 Capturing value from the customers for the organization. 2
Marketing orientation of Costa coffee 2 Defination: 2
Principles of marketing 3
Assessment on the benefits of marketing orientation for Costa coffee 3 Understanding customers’ needs and wants: 4 Communicating effectively with customers’: 5 Keeping ahead of compitition: 5 Utilizing new technology: 6 Base of segmenting a market: 7 Geographical segmentation: 7 Demographic Segmentation 7 Psychographic Segmentation 8 Benefits sought Segmentation 8
Costa coffee’s market segmentation for a target market 8 Daily consumers: 8 Grown up or adult: 8 Students: 8
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The marketing concept give priority to the importance of customers emphasise that marketing activities begin and end with them. Although all marketing organizations have their own principles however there are four main vital principles of marketing and these are: * Understanding customers needs and wants, * Communicating effectively with customers, * Keeping ahead of competition * Utilizing new technology.

Assessment on the benefits of marketing orientation for Costa coffee

Costa takes their ethical business practice very seriously and has defined their commitment to these in their business principles, which describes the standards of conduct they set for themselves and act as a guide for turning their values into action. “The principles take into account global standards, such as the universal declaration of human rights and the international labour organization conventions’ (COSTA COFFEE, 2011)
Understanding customers’ needs and wants: * Costa coffee understands their customer needs by applying different policy. Costa is always concerned about their customers’ choice and they aim to supply the best for them. They introduce new and improved products onto the market regularly in order to satisfy customers’ variable choices. The ingredients that they use for their products are thoroughly safety tasted and approved by regulatory bodies. They use only the tasted
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