Marketing Strategy of Jupiters Gold Coast Hotel

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Jupiters Gold Coast Hotel Marketing Strategy Introduction Jupiters Gold Coast Hotel offers not only a large-scale casino the only one in the area but also a variety of entertainment and dining options in addition to its luxury hotel amenities and its oceanfront views and beach access (Jupiters Hotel & Casino, 2012). This gives the hotel and casino a great deal of attract to guests and ought to result in a high occupancy rate and a high proportion of market share compared to its chief rivals in the area, as the amenities and services the hotel offers are simply not matched by these competitors. Visitor levels to Queensland generally and to Broadbeach specifically has been increasing significantly, and despite the attraction presented by Jupiters Gold Coast Hotel and Casion the establishment will need an effective marketing plan to acquire a greater market share of this increased tourism traffic as compared to its competitors (Tourism Queensland, 2012). Strategic Objective This marketing plan will aim to increase market share by five percent over the next year by targeting first-time visitors to Australia/Queensland in advertisement and promotional materials through a business-to-business campaign, focusing on travel agents and other third-party international booking agents. Targeting these international sellers through the use of more recently established information and communications technologies will produce a cost savings for the company and has been demonstrated as

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