Marketing Strategy of Pran Bangladesh

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Many industries contain one firm that is the acknowledge market leader. This firm has the large market share in the relevant market and usually leads the other firms in the price changes, new product introduction, distribution coverage and promotional intensity. Moreover, it acts like a benchmark in the competitive product market. Some well-known market leaders in Bangladesh are Bata (Sports, leisure and outdoor footwear), Coca-Cola (Soft drinks), Unilever (Toiletries, cosmetics), Pran (fruit and vegetable processor).


“PRAN” is currently the most well known household name among the millions of people in Bangladesh and abroad also. Since its inception in 1980, PRAN Group has grown up in stature and became the largest fruit
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The deliciously natural and sweet taste fruit juice is derived from the local orchard during the harvest to ensure the freshness and quality of the juice.
It gives natural pulp squeezing fresh fruit, vitamins; mineral and other ingredients make the juice refreshing, natural and nutritious.

PRAN keeps its presence in carbonated soft drink producing cola, Lime and lemon. Its refreshing CSD products are widely accepted in local and international market.



PRAN drink is a liquid specially prepared to fulfill people's non carbonated flavored drinks needs. The thirst quenching flavor drinks provide a good range of fruit flavor that contains vitamins and gives taste of fruit.



PRAN has a complete portfolio of confectionery products. We have a full variety of kiddies & adult confectionery - including many novelties, seasonal & exclusive items, PRAN items include lollipops, candy, toffee, chocolate, fruit bar and instant consumable jelly.

PRAN culinary foods has a unique model of sourcing and displaying Bangladesh's finest foods on a custom-designed stand in some of the best food shops.

A snack food is seen in Asian culture as a type of food not meant to be eaten as a main meal of the day - breakfast, lunch, or dinner - but one rather that is intended to assuage a
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