Marketing & Strategy on Emirates Airline

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Moreover, the group has also invested through its Emirates Training College in its staff which brings quality & leadership, which cannot be imitated by its competitors. Threshold Capabilities and Distinctive Capabilities of an organization Capabilities of an organisation can be separated into Threshold and Distinctive Capabilities. While threshold capabilities make sure that the organization is able to fulfill the least consumer demand so it can contest in market. The distinctive capabilities help the Threshold Capabilities. The distinctive capabilities help the organization to achieve competitive advantage which cannot be attained, matched or copied by market rivals (Johnson et al., 2008). According to Simonceska (2010), the concept of distinctive strategic capabilities is a process of identifying the advantages and distinctive features of an organization and then accentuating these. Emirates Threshold Capabilities are as follows: While there are numerous threshold capabilities of Emirates, some of key capabilities that Emirates is financially stable organization with good track record. Emirates is well-recognized and highly reputed brand. It is known for its reliability and trustworthiness in products and services it offers to travelers. It provides a good distribution network covering 172 destinations, 72 countries over 6 continents. And it has a healthy and growing customer base. Emirates

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