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Module 1
Study Quiz
1. Marketing is: a) About invention of new markets, new products and new services b) About the invention of new ways of distributing and reaching customers c) About researching, finding, understanding and making new markets d) About creating and changing market processes that change markets e) All of the above 2. A responsibility of marketers is to sell new products and ideas to decision-makers in their organization. a) Yes b) No 3. The focus of companies needs to be on winning: a) The product innovation race b) The distribution innovation race c) Both a and b d) Either a or b e) None of the above 4. There are times when it helps for a marketing executive to support the status quo and to promote long established and
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a) True b) False Competition increases as: a) The number of small firms in the market increases. b) The number of consumers in a market increases. c) Demand exceeds supply. d) Supply exceeds demand Insatiable self-improvement is in the self-interest of ____ firms. a) all b) most c) rival d) monopolist Change management in marketing is most important in a firm’s: a) Product development management processes b) Customer relationship management processes c) Supply-chain management processes d) All of the above Below are six statements from the theory of market dynamics. Which of the following is the correct process sequence (order) according to the theory? a) 5-3-2-6-1-2 b) 6-4-1-5-3-2 c) 4-6-3-1-5-2 d) 3-6-5-3-4-1 e) 2-6-3-1-5-4 1. Supply will shift to serve the demand of the most profitable market segments. 2. Effective products and process are quickly imitated and improved. 3. Sellers learn directly and by observing other sellers how to add customer and shareholder value. 4. The variation in consumer demand is constantly changing. 5. Competition forces sellers to try new ways of serving customers and reducing costs. 6. The supply of products and processes is constantly changing.

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Study Quiz
1. On the Business Process Thinking Scale my average score (score for each question divided by 12 questions) was a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5 On the Political Skill Scale my average score (score for each question

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