Marketing Swot Analysis

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A marketing audit is an investigation to provides a general idea about the current situation to help the firm meet its overall goals. The marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic and independent investigation of the marketing operations and external marketing environment of a business. It needed often to support the level of services. The marketing audit might be needed in special situations like when there is change in leadership, new product need to be introduced to the market and when you notice a withdraw in growth rate. Some companies will do an audit to find were they stand in comparison to their competitors. The marketing department in the company can perform a marketing audit or help an employee from within the company to do the audit, if that not…show more content…
 Obtain document from the financial department to calculate the performance of the company.
 To analyses over and underperforming products by doing the BCG matrix


The objective Method
Marketing Mix - Through the information provided by The company.
- Web search trends in the Industry - Web search positioning map - Though the information provided by The company.
- Web search on the competitors
Competitors - Web search
SWOT analysis - Preform SWOT Analysis through web search financials and specific measurements - Sales Records
- Financial statement over / underperforming products - doing the BCG matrix.
- Through the meeting and the sales records provided by The company.
- Search reviews on the company’s products
- Check The company’s website for customers’
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