Marketing Tactics Of The American Economy

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Big businesses are the basis of the American economy, providing millions of products to consumers from all sides of the economic spectrum. In an effort to push for new products into the market, as well as reeling in strong consumer foundations, marketing, in its most primal form, becomes the basis of persuasion. Commercials, Internet advertisements, billboards, and various other forms of visual presentation become the premise for consumer attraction. Albeit, this visual influence can have both negative and positive connotations for the uninformed consumer. This primarily pertains to modern day society as marketing tactics are heavily relied on to influence the consumer base. To influence the consumer base, companies tackle human emotions to persuade consumers to buy their products. In this instance, marketing is heavily influencing change on a wide spectrum of consumers through the use of advertisements and emotional connection. Though marketing’s influence has more of a negative connotation than it does positive, positive influences can also result from marketing. For instance, service announcements concerning abuse enlighten the unaware and make approaching the topic of abuse easier. Society has conditioned its population into refraining from approaching the topic of abuse. In Ethan Watters’s The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan,“…cultures shape the illness experience” (Watters 515). Cultures dictate whether an experience defines an individual. In past
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