Marketing Technique For The Marketing Of Cool By Juliet Schors And Eric Schlosser

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For many years, corporations have targeted adults, but as the years progressed their main focus and targeted audience have been children. Countless corporations often focus their products such as toys, clothes, and drugs to children in order to increase their own economic gain. In Juliet Schor’s article, “ Selling to children: The Marketing of Cool”, she mentions how products are accepted and interpreted by children in today’s society. However, in Eric Schlosser article, “ Kid Kustomers”, he emphasizes on the constant antagonizing strategies through ads and televisions shows to target kids. Although Juliet Schors and Eric Schlosser are both speaking about corporations marketing to children, their articles differ quite significantly. While they both speak about corporation and their marketing directed to children, Schor maintains her focus on how society perceived these products as cool or geeky, while Schlosser focuses his article on the negative way corporations have marketed their products to underage children. In Schlosser’s article, “Kid Kustomers”, the author focuses on many disturbing facts as the marketing technique for tobacco products used to target children. It was really astounding to see that in the early 90’s these commercials of tobacco use was made kid friendly through the use of the cartoon camel. The image itself became so popular that they were compared to the images of Mickey Mouse. The author state, “ all of America’s six-year olds could identify

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