Marketing Technology Can Make The Task Easier

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Marketers have always known that many consumers do not know that they want or need a particular product until they become aware that the product exists. Even after they learn about the product, they may need to be convinced that they actually need to surrender their money to make the purchase. When it comes to convincing consumers, marketing technology can make the task easier. However, without a solid understanding of consumer psychology, the technology alone will be insufficient. Why People Buy People typically buy a product for one of two reasons: to solve a specific problem or to feel better about themselves. If they need a solution to a specific problem, they will often conduct a few online searches to determine the different options available. They will conduct research, do some price comparisons and investigate different suppliers. If they are buying for the second reason, they may take the same steps, but they are more likely to browse the website of a company they already know or about which they have recently heard. In either scenario, consumers can usually tell that they do not want a specific product, but if they decide that they want it, most of them cannot explain why. Much of their motivation is driven by their subconscious, and savvy marketers know how to get into that territory to entice people to buy. What Drives Consumer Behavior? Cultural, social, personal and psychological factors are the primary types of factors that influence consumer behavior. •
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