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Executive Summary Tablet PC has been advertised as the wave of the future for reading, gaming, and media consumption for quite some time now. However, the idea of Tablet PC has not been as popular or widely accepted in our country because of the sky-scraping price. Our company, Zeus Technologynology is preparing to commence a new, innovative and cost-effective line of tablet computers. Our product will propose a competitively exclusive amalgamation of next generation features with reasonable price bar. We are targeting specific yet mass segments in the consumer market. In addition, we are planning to take advantage of the ever increasing demand for low-priced Tablet PC. A wide range of tablet computers are available from major CE…show more content…
Z-Tab Civic is our economy package for mediocre class people of Bangladesh. And last but not least, Z-Tab Prime is our premium product which is specially designed for the corporate user. All of these tabs are consists of android operating system which allows user to navigate the vivid world of information and technology. We are charging all of our products at minimum level. Segment Needs and Corresponding Features/Benefits of Z-Tab Targeted Segment - Student Customer Need- • Perform many function in this multitasking device without carrying various gadgets. • Use Z-Tab as storage device. In other words , use it as a component of education instead of paper and pens. • Use Z-Tab for source for entertainment, information and communication. • Reading device to read an E book. Z-Tab Enonvice Features- • It’s reasonably prized for students. It has a flash storage facility up to 32 GB. • Portable and compatible with numerous apps and programs. • Convey an aesthetic and trendy look. Targeted Segment- Teachers, Home Users and Professionals Customer Need- • Using an effective teaching aid in the class. • Use Z-Tab as a source entertainment. • Use Z-Tab as a Organizer and Personal digital assistant • Use Z-Tab as a storage device to conserve music , family photos etc. Z-Tab Civic Features- • Hands free, wireless access to calendar, address
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