Marketing : The Holistic Marketing Concept

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Prior to this class, although I have some experience in a marketing type role, I thought of marketing as the process that was activated post product development and the vehicle to product/service promotion and advertisement to the marketplace. Through this class, I have a greater understanding of marketing, and realize promotion and advertisement is just a fraction of it, and has much more depth. Marketing begins at the beginning, and is integrated through to the end of the life cycle. It has a significant impact on the development stages as well as delivery to the marketplace. Marketing is a set of procedures facilitated in businesses for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers. Furthermore, marketing is about…show more content…
The 4 P’s of marketing will be evaluated during this stage. The marketing plan and promotional mix allows the business to build a strategy for the delivering packaging, pricing, promotion, and communication vehicles to provide the best value to the consumer. A sound marketing plan is vital in winning in the market place.
Steve talks about Apple’s advertising. Is that all that marketing is about
As a whole, Steve Jobs’ marketing plan and ways of Apple’s advertising is creative, profitable and has proven to be a success. Jobs’ has specific techniques, which are not completely aligned with the norm. Although Apple’s marketing plan is successful and includes many of the promotional mix components, it is not the only way to go to business and is not what marketing is all about. Apple follows a three point marketing strategy, fulfilling important elements of a marketing strategy which are; Empathy, Focus and Impute. As I mentioned, his tactics are what marketing is all about, but on the flip side, there are some components he doesn’t utilize. Let’s take a look at some examples.
Hire customer-obsessed, empathetic employee and Iterative customer involvement: He doesn’t ask consumers what they want- they will come up with obvious or unrealistic answers or, they simply can’t answer because they
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