Marketing Tips : Customer Profile Database

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Many "me-too" or run-of-the-mill businesses fail because they do not distinguish their product or service from those of competitors. Successful ventures carefully carve out a distinctive marketing niche by doing something different. The following checklist will help you design your marketing niche and increase sales. Each of the preceding tips is discussed below. Marketing Tips Checklist 1 - Know what your customers want. 2 - Make your product or service the best it can be. 3 - Analyze your competitors and capitalize on their weaknesses. 4 - Establish a complete customer profile database. 5 - Give your good customers a little extra. 6 - Use direct marketing to discover how to improve. 7 - Stay in close and constant communication…show more content…
Evaluate your competitors ' strengths and weaknesses. Then concentrate on offering what your competitors don 't do well. Expand your marketing niche by offering speedy delivery, more convenience, better service, faster turnaround time, more value, or specialized services that your competitors don 't offer. Do whatever you can to rise above your competitors. 4 - Establish a complete customer profile database. You need good, up-to-date, and accessible customer records that contain information about your customer 's business, its history, purchasing habits, special needs, and so forth. A good customer database provides indispensable statistics and patterns that will suggest ways to market your product or service more effectively and at reduced cost. 5 - Give your good customers a little extra. Have you ever purchased a dozen cookies but instead received 13-the baker 's dozen? If so, you will most likely remember that vendor and purchase from it again. Being generous and thoughtful is a wonderful way to show your customers how much you appreciate their business. For example, a very successful neighborhood shoe-repair store gives a sample-size shoe polish with every major repair job; it outsells its competition by two to one. What could you do to give your customers a little extra? Think creatively. Could you offer discounts, small gifts, or extra services to make your best customers feel needed and
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