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Apple Inc. is a company many people can never fathom. They are a very very admired company that many people tried to emulate but failed. Apple’s customers don’t usually buy their products based on the specifications and features of the products, they are usually bought simply because it’s from Apple. They have reached a cult status whereby their products sell simply by having the Apple logo on it. A big part of this is because of Apple’s iconic ex-CEO and co-founder Mr. Steve Jobs. He is an amazing businessman but he is not a computer genius. The computer genius was actually Steve Wozniak, the other co-founder of Apple. Steve Jobs’ job, pun not intended, was to sell
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During mid-year they will have the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is usually to announce any new Macintosh software updates and to keep the developers posted on new software developing kits. Apple has also used WWDC since 2007 to announce their new iPhones. Closer to the end of the year during September/October, Apple will host one more event to announce new iPods. The reason why I say Apple is unique in their way of using public relations is because their presentations and press releases are usually very one way. Apple will feed information to the public and stop there. When the public approaches Apple for more answers, they will usually keep quiet. This is because Steve Jobs is very particular about secrecy and he always wants to keep everything a secret. But there have been interesting stories of how some journalists will get tired of getting no replies from Apple and emailing Steve Jobs directly and sometimes they will get replies directly from the exCEO of Apple. Another form of marketing tool that they use would be product placement, where they sponsor quite a lot of Hollywood movies to prominently display they Macintosh computers in the movie. And the most recent would be sales promotion. Apple has been notorious for never slashing the price of their products. We can always see handphones coming to the market at, let’s say, $1000 and we will see the price drop every month. But Apple’s products

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