Marketing Training : Sales Training Program

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Organizations of today face numerous challenges, and training their sales force is definitely high on the agenda of most organizations (Rao, 2010). The increasing interest that firms have been showing over recent years in employees and in practices related to their management, especially training, can be explained by the general acceptance of the fact that human resources and organizational knowledge are, at present, two of the main sources of sustainable competitive advantages for the company (Singh, 2015). Sales training is a challenge to organizations, big or small, national or multinational, manufacturers or service providers especially amidst today’s rapidly changing global economy (Singh, 2015). Organizations are spending millions of dollars on training employees, and sales training takes a significant portion of that budget (Tan & Newman, 2013). However, sales training programs seem to enjoy a lot of advantages despite their costs. Sales training involves a systematic attempt to understand, describe, and transfer “good selling practices” to sales personnel. Through sales training programs, sales personnel may actually learn to perform more effectively and more quickly.
i. Definition
Sales training is the involvement of personal development of skills and techniques related to creating and exploring new sales opportunities, as well as closing sales for an organization. ii. Importance of Sales Training in the 21st Century
While some people may possess an extroverted…
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