Marketing: Video Game Console and Shoppers Stop

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Answer Paper Marketing Management Section A: Objective Type Part one: Multiple choices: 1.It is a concept where goods are produced without taking into consideration the choices or tastes of customers Ans) Production concept 2. It involves individuals who buys products or services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale Ans) Consumer 3. It is the groups of people who interact formally or informally influencing each other’s attitudes& behavior Ans) Reference groups 4. The concept of the product that passes through various changes in its total life known as Ans) Product life cycle 5. It refers to unique set of brand associations that brand strategist aspires to create or maintain Ans) Brand identity…show more content…
While it is not modeled on any one foreign retailer, the ‘basic construct’ is taken from the experience of a number of successfully managed retail companies. It has leveraged expertise for a critical component like technology from all over the world, going as far as hiring expatriates from Littlewoods and using state-of-the-art ERP models. Shoppers’ Stop went a step further by even integrating its financial system with the ERP model. Expertise was imported wherever it felt that expertise available in-house was inadequate. But the store felt there was one acute problem. A shortage of the most important resource of them all was trained humans . Since Indian business institutes did not have professional courses in retail management, people were hired from different walks of life and the training programme was internalized. By 1994, the senior executives at Shoppers’ Stop were taking lectures at management institutes in Mumbai. The Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) even restructured its course to include retail management as a subject. Getting the company access to the latest global retail trends and exchange of information with business greats was an exclusive membership to the Intercontinental Group of Department Stores (IGDS). It allows membership by invitation to one company from a country and Shoppers’ Stop rubs shoulders with 29 of the hottest names in retailing – Selfridges from the UK, C.K. Tang from Singapore, Lamcy Plaza from Dubai and the
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