Marketing Wants Quicktime Support, And Customer Service Needs Real Media

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More likely than not, you find yourself dealing with a range of streaming needs in different departments. Marketing wants QuickTime support. Manufacturing needs Windows Media support, and customer service needs Real Media. You want to be able to centralize the administration of streaming servers, the disk storage of large audio and video files, and, of course, you want to be able to restrict and monitor bandwidth from the same central location. You want to provide simple self-service to end-users while maintaining control. You also need to track usage by department and bill your internal customers based on their usage, when applicable. MACCIUS accommodates the resources required to stream video and audio files without disappointing your users with poor streaming quality or the inability to stream content from mobile platforms. We are your choice when you want confidence in your ability to stream media during traffic spikes and keep your team equipped with the tools they need to perform. Live Streaming Most enterprises find video on-demand to meet their needs, but if your goal is to provide live broadcasts, then live streaming service from MACCIUS is your source for streaming services optimized to deliver with zero interruption and outstanding clarity. MACCIUS is provisioned to provide live streaming in real time to all desired platforms and devices. If you cannot deliver on all platforms, you are failing to give your end-users what they want, where and how they want it,

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