Marketing Website Feedback And How Does The Website Design Help Meet This Purpose?

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Throughout your answers, you are required to refer to feedback data on the feedback data spreadsheet. This task is only using the feedback for the two questions that related to the website - not the expo.

You are encouraged to discuss the feedback results in your group before writing this feedback analysis.

Things to include when answering the questions:

Purpose – What was the purpose of your website and how does the website design help meet this purpose?

Audience – Referring back to your market research, who was your target market? Was part of your target market assessing your website?

Context – As the website was assessed by people at the Expo, do you think this helped create a sense of
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We know the readers felt this because of the feedback they gave after viewing the website as well as in the grades they gave. This was mainly done through the websites colour scheme, short paragraphs and use of images.

2. Referencing one of the websites that you assessed at the expo, through the question “Based on the website alone, how likely are you to buy this product,” what was it in that website that made you want to buy the product? Consider elements like colours, written language techniques, graphics. How did these elements work together to sell the product to you?

One of the websites I assessed was called “clever hinge”. This was a product that means you do not lose your Tupperware container lids. The website was really cleverly laid out, with a red colour scheme. This colour scheme really helped persuade me into wanting to buy their product. Not only was the colour scheme well thought out, the entire website was laid out in a way that was easy to navigate. Due to this it was very easy to work out where the information on their product was stored. This information in itself consisted of a few very well done images of their design as well as providing basic information on the product. It was for this reason I was tempted to buy the product.

3. For your website, is there a correlation between the feedback for questions “How informative, visually appealing, and user-friendly is the website?” and
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