Marketing Website Feedback And How Does The Website Design Help Meet This Purpose?

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Throughout your answers, you are required to refer to feedback data on the feedback data spreadsheet. This task is only using the feedback for the two questions that related to the website - not the expo.

You are encouraged to discuss the feedback results in your group before writing this feedback analysis.

Things to include when answering the questions:

Purpose – What was the purpose of your website and how does the website design help meet this purpose?

Audience – Referring back to your market research, who was your target market? Was part of your target market assessing your website?

Context – As the website was assessed by people at the Expo, do you think this helped create a sense of understanding of the website’s purpose?

Language and Stylistic Features – Did you include emotive language? Metaphors? Slang, or other kinds of language features? How does your website communicate in written form? What kind of colours did you use in your design and why? Why did you include the images/videos that you did? That particular navigational structure?

1. Does the feedback reflect what you intended website visitors to experience? What was it that you wanted them to experience and have you succeeded in doing this? What did you include in your website that made it informative and visually appealing?

The reflections clearly show that the people who viewed our website felt what we wanted them to feel. We wanted them to feel inspired as…
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