Marketing Week 1 Case Assignment Essay

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Week 1: Case Assignment Case Study: Girl Scout Cookies

Questions: 1) Can you identify examples of decisions about each part of the marketing mix (product, place, promotion, and pricing) that are being made in the cookie program? The Product is Girl Scout cookies as well as the Girl Scouts themselves. Since 1912 Cookie sales have played a major role in supporting the Girl Scouts organization at the council and troop levels. Being able to target certain people can be tricky sometimes specially if you don’t know what you’re doing or what your target is. You have to be able to sell yourself as well as the product and who better to sell Girl Scout cookies then young girls. The Girl Scouts mainly target the middle and upper class
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While each Girl Scout does not keep the income from her sales troop members see the direct benefits of their efforts these kinds of strategies help reinforce the broader purpose of the cookie program such as teaching girls valuable lessons in marketing and career training. The Girl Scouts specify five essential life skills that the cookie program focuses on developing goal setting, decision making, money, management, people skills, and business ethics. As Councils are shifting their focuses onto better business approaches and skill development, many are hosting sales training seminars.

3) Although some people take away clear benefits from selling Girl Scout cookies, not every Girl Scout is going to go into a marketing career, and many might find the job of cookie selling particularly difficult. Do you think the experience of cookie selling, and more generally the lessons you might learn from this course about marketing and sales, can still be beneficial, especially to someone who might find the activities challenging? The Council of Nassau country, New York brought in professional sales trainer Jeff Goldberg, who teaches the Scouts the same techniques he would use for any other business. Says Goldberg, ‘’ Goal setting, which was the first thing we covered. Is the first thing I cover with any group of sales people, if you don’t have a goal with any group of sales people? If you don’t have

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