Marketing a Hypothetical E-Business: A Discussion About the Strategic Components of the Marketing Strategy

885 Words Jan 15th, 2018 4 Pages
That transition is occurring more and more as the business world deals with the challenges of acquiring consumer's attention. The new digital landscape that has evolved with the technology that drives it needs to be understood by those in charge of marketing strategies for business firms.
The purpose of this essay is to describe how I will market a hypothetical e-business and discuss the strategic components contained within this marketing strategy. This strategy will incorporate the use of different media and forums to maximize exposure and limit costly mistakes. Other tactical approaches to this problem will also be introduced as a means to supplement a marketing strategy for e-businesses and other types of alternative business models that rely on arising technological advancements.
Important Online Marketing Principles
Before formulating an official strategy to e-business marketing, it is important first to prioritize the tasks and organize a set of principles that will directly contribute to success. The importance to making any e-commerce site profitable is to have a sound strategy for promoting it. While the overall goal is to earn a healthy return, it is important to recognize that it needs to be consumer targeted. Essential marketing strategies can help elevate an e-commerce site from average and bland to something extraordinary.