Marketing and B. Market Development

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Chapter 2

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Fernando was thrilled to find out that his company had just decided to invest a great deal of money in the product he was managing. He knows that even with its recent high rate of growth and the fact that it dominates its market, he would need more money to establish it firmly. Using the BCG portfolio analysis, his product would be classified as a(n):
A. star.
B. cash cow.
C. question mark.
D. dog.
E. Anchor

2. Adrienne decides to add new sales representatives and increase advertising in her existing market for her current line of security systems. Adrienne is pursuing a __________ growth strategy.
A. segment development
B. market
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B. real estate prices have been dropping.
C. few marketers are aware of its importance yet.
D. it is not easily duplicated.
E. the internet has diminished the importance of "brick and mortar" stores.

12. Taking steps to encourage customer loyalty is one way to:
A. test new products.
B. promote efficiency.
C. sustain an advantage over competitors.
D. develop new pricing strategies.
E. improve supply chain effectiveness.

13. Samantha is charged with assessing her company 's external environment as part of a SWOT analysis. Samantha will study her company 's:
A. strengths.
B. opportunities.
C. strengths and weaknesses.
D. weaknesses.
E. opportunities and threats.

14. After conducting STP analysis for her custom auto parts store and developing strategies for each of the four Ps, Monique now has to make _____________ decisions.
A. competitive response
B. resource allocation
C. product line
D. market growth
E. mission statement

15. Craig sees that his company 's quarterly sales and profits are significantly above projections and says, "That 's great. Let 's keep doing what we 've been doing." Craig is ignoring the ______ step of the marketing planning process.
A. Evaluate Performance
B. Define the Business Mission
C. Situation Analysis
D. Implement Marketing Mix and Resources
E. Identifying and Evaluating Opportunities

16. In mid-2010, Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) acquired Palm Computing, Inc., a manufacturer of
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