Marketing and Chinese Toothpaste Market

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consumer 's tastes for toothpaste in China typically vary from region to region, as well as across various demographic dimensions, such as age,income,and education. in contrast, tastes for toothpaste are fairly narrow in the United States. why is ther such a pronounced difference between these two market? There have such a pronounced difference between these two markets because it is affected by the age, income ,region and population difference. Age As a result of government population controls, China is becoming one of the most rapidly aging countries in the world. Today, approximately 70% percent of the population falls between the ages of 15 and 65 years. China’s median age is slightly younger than that of the US(36.7) currently, at…show more content…
This strategy, also known as high-priced strategy, refers to a price much higher than the cost of new products to market in order to obtain high profits in the short term, return on investment as soon as possible, and then gradually lower the price of the strategy. At the time of the Chinese cosmetic market, the price a great impact on consumers, so the new pricing strategy is bound to become P & G 's strategy in the Chinese market turning point, P & G began to adjust the retail price of its products, it follows the following three principles: 1.Marketing strategy to support product pricing 2.Price adjustment must ensure that financial goals 3.Retail price must adapt to market conditions at this stage channel strategy P & G with centralized strategic distribution channels - direct sales and distribution methods, direct way of hypermarkets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and other modern channels independent, as the direct supply customers and major customers. The method of distribution will select a number of middlemen, retail and wholesale customers promote their business to other. promotion strategy as we know, P & G 's ad campaign very strong, with non-stop advertising strategy and the "wave sliding scale type delivery method", consumers must purchase virtually every once in a daily detergent products, advertising will cause consumers to try again the desire to buy, plus a sliding scale type of running can help the

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