Marketing and College Admissions

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For centuries, studying at a university has been a common notion that many young people aspired to. With time, this idea grew to become an expected step in the lives of young adults. Regardless of how regular and expected this life decision may seem, the decision to attend a particular institution to pursue one’s postsecondary education is quite possibly the most important decision one will make in their early adulthood. However, these choices and decisions are only as good as the information on which they are based. So what can schools do to make sure that they remain on the radar for prospective students? More importantly, what can small private liberal arts colleges, like Salem College, do to compete with big name public…show more content…
Each step in the system should involve some form of contact that has a “specific action-oriented, measurable task” (College Recruitment Practices, n.d.). The goals in these systems can range from simply encouraging a campus visit early in the funnel process, to eventually attempting to get the applicant to send in their confirmation. These thoughts can be communicated in a variety of ways, but studies show that there are certain methods of communication that are much more effective. The most successful methods of contact are mail, telephone, electronic media, and personal contact. However, an important note is that these methods of communication are only effective if they are made on the personal level and the prospective student can feel the one-on-one connection building between them and the people at the institution. It is important for the process to individualized; throughout the college search process students are likely to become cultured consumers as they filter through the massive amounts of information that they are bombarded with—this can be very overwhelming and numerous studies and surveys have found that students are likely to ignore all forms of communication that are not explicitly directed towards them, personally. The absolute most effective recruitment technique is for an admissions counselor to visit
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