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Company G

3-Year Marketing Plan

Assessment Code: MKT1

Student Name: Jaime Persinger

Student ID: 000209646

Date: 10/2/2012

Mentor Name: Indria Woods

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Mission Statement 3
The Product 3
Consumer Product Classification 3
Target Market 3
Competitive Situation Analysis 4
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model 4
SWOT Analysis 5
Strengths 5
Weaknesses 5
Opportunities 6
Threats 7
Market Objectives 7
Product Objective 7
Price Objective 7
Place Objective 7
Promotion Objective 8
Marketing Strategies 8
Product Strategies 8
Price Strategies 8
Place Strategies 8
Promotion Strategies 8
Tactics and Action Plan 9
Product Action Plan 9
Price Action Plan 9
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Consumer switching prices are high which would not make it easy for buyers to produce this product themselves. The internet could have an impact if buyers came together online and made demands such as discounts.

Threat from Suppliers- Company G has had a long and good relationship with its current suppliers. However, the new technology that is used to produce the new product is not mass-produced. There are very few suppliers compared to the amount of buyers. Suppliers could come together and begin producing this product themselves. This would impact how Company G would continue producing the product at a reasonable price because suppliers could start selling directly to online consumers. This would impact the product price, distribution, and marketing processes.

Threat from Substitutes – The threat of substitute products in the market is high. Consumers have the option of purchasing similar laptops that have basic features with a lower cost. The basic laptops are cheaper than Company G’s product which makes them a high threat substitute. When it comes to quality of both products the threat of substitutes is low because Company G’s product is a higher quality item. The internet has fewer barriers for substitute laptops to be sold online for less money than Company G’s product.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT Analysis examines Company G’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT is important in

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