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Cunard Line Ltd is one of the most famous and oldest luxury cruise companies in the world. Providing high-level luxury service to its clientele, Cunard’s name is associated with elegance, excellence, and tradition. Its seven ships (5 luxury and 4 premium) follows Cunard’s high quality service pattern, giving to the company 50% of the market share in the luxury segment and 90 % of occupancy in 1990.
The success and performance of the company is considered high for the cruise industry. Based on their corporate culture, the company has two main targets - to provide excellence and elegance as the value of their service, and to employ these concepts into their marketing communication in order to sell the experience of traveling
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Direct campaigns will target costumers focusing on prices and promotion, whether mass campaigns will focus on a corporate campaign (Cunard brand). This campaign will show the company expertise, trustworthiness, and likeability with powerful visual appeal linked with a strong slogan (ex: Cunard, the life experience). This approach may open the opportunity to link the attributes of the brand (excellence and elegance) with a celebrity (ex: Cindy Crawford), allowing the audience to remind the brand’s name. Communication Channels
Mass Media: Advertising in mass media will be focused only in the corporate image (brand equity), using the same visual appeal, but with a strong message and portraying different Cunard’s ships, places, food, and activities. The idea is to create desire in the audience’s minds for the experience of traveling in a Cunard’s luxury cruise. Macro scheduling for seasons will drive the portraying of advertisement in television and magazines, targeting those who have never been in a luxury cruise, or those who never experience the elegance of a Cunard cruise.
Sales Promotion
Since 95% of consumers book their cruises through travel agents, sales and promotions will target travel agencies. Cunard will offer better promotion discounts to travel agencies to stimulate the preference for Cunard packages. Because 65% of the travelers pay full tickets, the agency can choose to sell or not the full package with a discount. Having a better margin of

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