Marketing and Current Debt Essay

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CAPSIM Quiz (done individually) Due Tuesday, September 11th at beginning of class number answers only & signed honor code 1. If you or your team decides to introduce a new sensor product, when should capacity and automation be purchased? 1. Two years or rounds prior to product release 2. One round prior to product release 3. The round of product release 4. The round after product release 5. Purchase of capacity and automation is not necessary for new product release 2. The promotion budget affects: 1. awareness 2. brand equity 3. performance 4. size 5. none of the above 3. What is the minimum amount of time that it takes to invent a new sensor? 1. 3 months 2. 6 months 3. 1 year at…show more content…
All of the above 15. How much do segment prices fall each year? 1. $0.50 2. $1.00 3. $0.75 4. Segment price changes vary depending upon relative market demand 5. Prices remain constant in each segment 16. Age and ___________ are the only two positioning criteria that remain constant from year to year 1. perceived age 2. reliability 3. performance 4. size 5. price 17. Which of the following are not considered in the Fine Cut? 1. Positioning 2. Automation 3. Age 4. Reliability 5. Price 18. Inside each fine cut circle, 1. segments have an ideal spot where demand is at its highest 2. product segments strive to be in the center 3. product segments strive to be near the boundaries 4. demand is at its highest as long as product segments are within the circle 5. none of the above 19. The Traditional segment’s ideal spot is 1. near the upper-left corner of its circle 2. near the lower-right of its circle 3. near the center of its circle 4. near the lower-left of its circle 5. near the upper-right of its circle 20. Last year your company built 1,500,000 units of product Able and sold 1,405,000 After 14 months in R&D, a revision of product Able is due out tomorrow, on January 2 (the first business day of this year) What will happen to the unsold inventory of 95,000 units of “old” product Able? 1. they’ll compete for sales based on the product attributes they were built

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