Marketing and Guinness

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Strategic Marketing

Marketing Strategy for Guinness

Guinness is a renowned stout (beer) company in Ireland, and throughout the world.
It is particularly famous for its unique taste and its quality. The beer is an icon for Ireland, with is epic advertisements and classic colour of black and white.
Arthur Guinness established the stout in 1759, at St. James’ Gate in Dublin.
The company has survived years of competition through its creative advertising and high quality product.

Mission Statement
The Guinness brand is part of the large Diageo group, its mission statement quotes that they wish ‘To become one of the world’s most trusted and respected companies’. We feel that this is been achieved with the Guinness brand as it
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The “Harp of Brian Boru” is synonymous with Ireland and Guinness itself.

One of the main weaknesses for Guinness is the fact that stout has such a unique taste which younger consumers find too strong, this means that they are unable to reach a vast number of consumers.
Another problem which Guinness face is the “old man” image. If Guinness wants to reach a younger spectrum of the market they must shift this portrayal of the drink. The majority of Guinness consumers fall under the plus 35 age bracket, with the most loyal drinkers been 40 plus.

There are numerous opportunities, which Guinness can act upon, from expanding the global brand to reaching new markets. Guinness have altered the stout for different markets around the globe, to suit the respective markets needs, however, we feel that there is huge scope to try target consumers under 35. By doing so they would have a broader range of consumers in the market. Guinness would need to make a slightly lighter tasting stout to appeal to the younger drinkers, whose taste buds are less developed. The option to ad a new product “Guinness Light”, to reach this younger end of the market would boost sales in an economically difficult time. Guinness light would not only have a lighter taste but also would have fewer calories, to appeal to the health conscious generation of today.

The main threats that the Guinness brand has to face today are

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