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What are Heineken 's strengths and weaknesses? The major strengths and weaknesses of Heineken are as follows: Strengths: The taste of Heineken beer is unique. The yeast that is used to make Heineken beer till today was developed in 1886. So the taste and uniqueness of it has been there for a hundred years. Heineken is the world’s second largest beer manufacturer. They produce 5.6 billion ltrs of beer each year. Second only to Anheuser-Busch who produce 10 billion ltrs. They have substantial market share in Europe and America with 38% where as they are growing very fast (rate of growth 23% over 1992 sales) in Asia and Australia. In some markets like USA and Hong Kong the Heineken brand is…show more content…
(Pg. 581) Project Mosa The project team collects the information to find answers the following two questions: a) which expressions of taste Heineken should use in their advertising, and b) which expressions of friendship Heineken should us. The team researches and gathers data from 8 focus groups in each country which Heineken is interested in as their target market. Four of the groups consist of 21-27-year- old people and the others consist of 28-35-year-old people (it seems to be relatively small range, though). a) Which expressions of Taste should Heineken use in their advertising? In Exhibit 4, here is an example of expressions of Taste, in which Heineken tries to show their brand vision, pride for the brand 's quality, and brewing skills Exhibit 6 demonstrates that almost all of the focus groups regard taste experience, balanced taste, and foam as important. Another finding is that Netherlands, Germany, and average 8 countries have similar preferences in Product category. Next finding is German is most interested in Taste when drinking beer. Final one is the USA seems to pay most attentions to Marketing promotion of all researched countries. According to exhibit 8, all of the countries think of all items in Quality category as important, also all except Italy consider Tradition has positive meaning. On the other hand, although domestic brands dominate national market in Germany, the data means they positively evaluate Heineken,

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