Marketing and Heineken

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Heineken Case Study Questions

Put yourself in the role of the Global VP of Marketing at Heineken. You have different marketing teams evaluating the Heineken’s global brand positioning. Your objective is to recommend to the CEO how you should proceed with your global brand efforts.

1. What are Heineken’s strengths and weaknesses? Is Heineken a global brand? Why or why not? What are the characteristics of a global brand? What competitive and cultural barriers does the Heineken brand face?

A global brand is one which customizes product features and selling techniques to local tastes so that consumers in different locations and under different socio-cultural constructs (or, in this case, also under different development
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5. What should be the role of Heineken headquarters regarding the marketing of the brand worldwide? What’s the balance of central or local control that makes the most sense?

There should be some standardization of imagery, consistency of look & feel of media, and of brand feeling/personality in the overall message. However, there should be local autonomy in customizing slogans, catchy phrases/print materials, promos etc. based on what makes sense to the local culture and at that phase of their “evolution.”

6. What do you recommend to your CEO about standardizing the brand’s global image? Do you have enough information? If not, what are you missing to provide a concrete recommendation?

Contradictory enough, standardization of the brand’s global image needs to be accomplished via the localization / customization of the bigger & broader principal concept/image/feeling/personality. Once established that Heineken stands for ABC (#4 above,) the way to get the message across in the different markets will differ. Consumers in the Netherlands respond differently to those in Germany, let alone to those in Africa.

However, we’re missing key info about each region’s “valuation” of beer consumption as compared to other things/activities/likes-dislikes. Other

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