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Capstone Simulation Report

Xiaofu CAI BUSS 6000
Scceeding in Business
Capstone Simulation Report
Bozena Pieniazek

Part 1:
1. Introduction
This report is designed to critically analyse the changing environment of simulation and review the performance of Baldwin by using a set of business models. To start with, the general industry background and company overview will be introduced by highlighting some market segments. Secondly, competitive landscape will be demonstrated by applying Porter’s Five Force and SWOT analysis tools. Thirdly, it will present Baldwin’s performance with identification of diverse strategies in different rounds. Finally, based on the overall performance of Baldwin, some
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It only focus on high end and performance market segment initially, so R&D, marketing activities are more effective than other companies with its competitive advantage in High-Tech product.
The production and manufacture can be up-to-date with the market and offering the best quality of Performance and Size to meet customers’ needs.

Focusing on high end and performance will have a significant influence on general market share.
On the half way of the simulation, as we choose a balanced way to develop different segments. It is difficult to for Baldwin to decide to invest on which market segment.
The products with high cost will have less attractive due to higher price. In addition, the automation level is relative low due to the strategy.
Products in high end and performance market segment will have a positive influence in the future competition with its high growth rate. In addition, it will bring benefits in the long term due to its higher customers’ demand
The outstanding products with its brand name will save the cost for marketing and increase the competence in the industry competition.
The business may at risk of failure due to its strategy with narrow focus on high-tech products.
The traditional and low-end product may at risk of losing large amount of market share. For the reason that traditional
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