Marketing and Internet Service Industry Essay example

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Acknowledgments Completing this dissertation has proven to be a very challenging endeavor, and it certainly would have been a whole lot more difficult to accomplish without the help of many important persons. First of all, my dissertation supervisor, Shannon-Little, Paul A, has provided valuable guidance and direction along my research and writing path. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to him for his support, patience and encouragement. Also, special thanks go out to Mario Ding and Janie LIU, who has been there at important times to bounce around ideas to give me a large number of suggestions and to assist me along this dissertation. She suggested many clear ways to design the structure of this dissertation.…show more content…
Some of Chinese ISP(Internet service provider) just like Tencent, Baidu, Sina etc. are entering the next phase in China's development: they are establishing co-operations with international partners, licensing their services, and some of them are even in the phase of initiating overseas operations. The Figure 1 indicates the key industry figures of China's Internet service industry. |Key Industry Figures |2009 | | |Industry Revenue |21,943.5 |US Million USD | |Industry Gross Product |10,094.0 |US Million USD | |Number of Establishments |31,089.0 |Units | |Number of Enterprises |22,346.0 |Units | |Employment |261,000.0 |Units | |Total Wages |2,273.8 |US Million USD | Figure 1: Key Industry Statistics (IBIS 2010) According to the recent report of China's Internet market, Baidu, the largest search engine in China, took up 72.3 percent share in the search market. Tencent, one of China's largest Internet integrated services provider, which was renowned for its instant messaging product QQ, occupied 76.56 percent market share in the instant messaging field. Another e-business tycoon Alibaba also held more than 50
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