Marketing and Maine Media Workshops

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UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND FINANCE ACADEMIC YEAR 2011/2012 MAY 2012 TRIMESTER Bachelor of Marketing (Hons) Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Entrepreneurship Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Banking and Finance Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Financial Economics Bachelor of International Business (Hons) Bachelor of Science (Hons) Logistics and International Shipping Bachelor of Science (Hons) Statistical Computing and Operations Research TUTORIAL QUESTIONS Tutorial 1 To discuss administrative issues and general discussion about marketing concepts,…show more content…
What are the main elements of the Maine Media Workshops brand equity? Analyze the workshop 's brand equity using the Young & Rubicam "dimensions of brand personality." 2. Would you consider the Maine Media College an extension of the Maine Media Workshops brand, or a new product development strategy—or both? Explain. 3. How can the Maine Media Workshops benefit from consumers ' brand recognition, preference, and insistence with companies such as Canon? Can Canon benefit from the association with the Workshops? 4. What are the three stages marketers use to measure brand loyalty? 5. Why is brand equity so important to companies? What are the characteristics of an effective brand name? 6. Discuss the steps in the new product development process. Tutorial 8 (Chapter 18) 1. What are the practical problems in applying price theory concepts to actual pricing decisions? 2. Identify each factor influencing elasticity and give a specific example of how it affects the degree of elasticity in a good or service. 3. Give an example of each of the major categories of pricing objectives. 4. Discuss the elements of breakeven analysis. Tutorial 9 (Chapter 19) 1. What is the difference between a skimming price strategy and a penetration pricing strategy? Under what circumstances is each most likely to be used? 2. Why is competitive pricing risky for marketers? 3. Discuss the benefits a company receives
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