Marketing and Pandora

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Project C for Marketing Management Program 2011 Danish Academy of Business and Technology Project Leader: Marianne Aardalsbakke (MAA) Classes: MA2-11 & MO2-11 Group No.: 11 Group Members: Anca Filote (MO2-11) Elmira Oumarova Østergaard (MO2-11) Davis Vanags (MA2-11) Krista Rumba (MA2-11) Mabel Menezes Martins (MA2-11) Richards Tirums (MA2-11) Group member signatures: _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Key strokes of characters including spaces: 47772 Executive summary Today in the global business world we know that strategic changes are fundamental in order to…show more content…
Middle class is booming worldwide and with prosperity comes consumers ' desire to show that they are doing well, therefore super brands like Danish Pandora and British Signet also called “category killers”, has stormed the global jewellery market where there is money to fight for. Pandora competes in affordable luxury segment, which in 2009 totalled 83 billion USD, equivalent to approx. 57% of the total market for fine jewellery. Affordable luxury still gives consumers the feel of stardust. In the recent time just a few Danish companies have managed to grow from being nothing to become a big export business within a few years. Pandora has got extreme media attention within the last year for having done exactly that. The company has grown from a small Danish jewellery company without sales abroad to be one of Denmark´s largest twenty stock`s companies with 5.000 employers around the world and sale on six continents through over 10,000 points of sale, including close to 500 PANDORA branded concept stores. Company was founded in 1982 and now sells their products in 55 countries, including many countries in Europe, North- and South America, China and Asia. Pandora has listed markets, where they operate on their website. To the east of the West Europe there are such countries as Lithuania and Estonia. Our natural curiosity points to Latvia, as the only Baltic State where Pandora is not presented yet. There is not so
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