Marketing and Pic Essay

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Chapter1 1. The primary purpose of 3M's 15% rule is to |[pic] |discover possible connections between the amount spent on school supplies and student grade performance. | |[pic] |explain why 15% of students prefer to study alone while 85% prefer to study in a group setting. | |[pic] |provide inventors with an opportunity to identify solutions to problems and/or identify new opportunities that | | |would lead to marketable 3M products. | |[pic] |limit the amount of time that inventors can spend doing research that does not lead to future marketable | | |products.…show more content…
Netflix can deliver movies to its customers in several ways: via streaming video over the Internet or via mail. These two methods would constitute which element of the marketing mix for Netflix? |[pic] |place | |[pic] |profit | |[pic] |process | |[pic] |promotion | |[pic] |physical environment | 7. Walmart's __________ can be described as "everyday low prices for a broad range of products that are always in stock in convenient locations." |[pic] |form utility | |[pic] |possession

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