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Dexit Inc. Dexit Inc. is a business that focuses on electronic payment systems for retail transactions. The nature of the business would start with purchases and tinkle down to petty cash purchases, pre paid purchases, and electronic purchases (Exhibit 1) .The Dexit platforms run on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Consumers would use their “tags” at a retailer store’s terminal. This terminal is linked to Dexit’s server which would be able to read the “tag”. From here the server will be able to go into the consumer’s prepaid account, which would limit the consumer’s sending to the amount within the account. Even with this broad industry we have are branding themselves as an exclusive e-payment company. The core product…show more content…
If we go with the option of launching this product in Ontario we would have to look at popular areas, i.e. Toronto. To add on we have to decide how to get the tag we manufacture to our consumers. From here we find that Dexit really need to work out a marketing mix that would let us reach our objectives.
Internal Analysis When assessing the internal aspects of our company we have to compare the strengths that Dexit possess and the weaknesses.
To start off, our product’s offers a simple and quick service for people “on the go”. So long as there is money on their Dexit account consumer’s can enjoy this feature. Even with the speed of the Dexit tags it is still secure because the tag and terminals will be communicating with the Dexit Servers. Furthermore from the initial stages of the product development to now the company was able to attract two major banks as well as TELUS Mobility. This means we have a strong relationship in terms of distribution of our product. Weaknesses for Dexit would be that they have not created a marketing mix and do not have a target audience we want to market to. This is a huge downfall because we have a product that could be used but do not know where to go from there.
External Analysis When assessing the external environment we have to compare the opportunities we have and also the threat that might happen to us. Opportunities for us are that we could potential tap into a growing and more

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