Marketing and Red Bull

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P1 – describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations

In this piece of work I will be describing how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations. I will be talking about the techniques, role and objectives of the two products that I have chosen. The two products that I have chosen to talk about are the Samsung galaxy s3 and Red bull. Marketing means the action that a business does to promote their products and services. Market research involves the collection of data to obtain insight and knowledge into the needs and wants of customers and the structure and dynamics of a market.
The Samsung galaxy s3 is the world’s most popular smart phone model, holding 10.7% of the global
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Samsung have different survival strategies. Survival strategies means when the sales of a product decrease in a business, and the business is trying to keep them up. Most of Samsungs products have been developed to be more high tech than their competitors. This gives them an advantage as they will get more sales than anyone else in that industry. The Samsung Galaxy s3 had been developed from the Samsung Galaxy s2 and has been created to be easier to use and more enjoyable for the customer. Apple tried banning Samsung from releasing their Samsung galaxy s3 because Apple think Samsung have used some of their software for their products. A business would need survival strategies if sales for their products have gone down and they want to make as much money of the product before it goes bust. Samsung reported an 82% jump in profits over the first quarter of last year, while revenue climbed 22%.
Branding in a business is important as it shows the reputation of the business. The importance in the buyer’s behaviour can affect the businesses sales, as it can increase or decrease their sales. Consumers are responsible factor for the sales of any products or services, so when a new product is being released in the market, understanding consumers buying behaviour becomes very essential. The business has to study and understand the

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