Marketing and Segment Essay

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Spring 2013 MAR 4804 (Thurs)

Test Bank
Strategic Marketing

Quarter 2 Decisions

9. Which of the following can you not determine from market research?
a) The structure of the market
b) The market requirements
c) The market requirements of your competitors
d) The strengths and weaknesses of your competition

10. Conducting a Market Opportunity Analysis (MOA) is the first step in developing a marketing strategy.
e) True
f) False

11. What is a differentiated marketing strategy?
a. Selection of production components for a brand which provide the right amount of benefits
b. Selection of a name designed to project a defined image, purpose, or
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It is not based upon an analysis of:
a. Structure of the market
b. The market requirements of customers
c. The strengths and weaknesses of competitors
d. The strengths of your advertising

33. Your territory development decisions are influenced by which of the following:
a. Market potential
b. Competition
c. Operating expenses
d. Advertising economies
e. All of the above

34. In choosing your initial geographic market, you should focus your attention on which of the following?
a. Your competitors
b. All potential market segments
c. The market segment you have chosen to target
d. Your competitors and all potential market segments

35. The total market demand over the life of the exercise could be less or more than the potential demand projected in the end user profile. What is the most important factor in determining actual demand?
a. The quality and quantity of your firm’s decisions and those of your competitors
b. The number of competitors
c. The quality of your firm’s decisions
d. The consumers decisions

36. The actual demand in the early quarters will be much less than potential demand because the quality and quantity of your decisions and those of your competitors will be less than ideal.
a. True
b. False

37. The geographic market with the largest population will result in the largest demand for your products.
a. True
b. False

38. First and foremost, your
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